Tips for Healthy Cooking

Improving the way you cook food is a crucial way to live a healthier lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be intimidating either. Healthy cooking is easy you might think.

With a few simple changes, it can make a big difference to your health and also that of your family. There’s a small learning curve to healthy cooking but it’s not daunting.

No more deep fat frying

Lowering the fat content in your food can be achieved by avoiding deep fat frying. No more food dripping in cooking oil and your heart will thank you for it. Excessive fat on your food is not only unnecesary but long term, it can be dangerous to your health.

Alternative to deep fat frying Let’s take a look at the alternative ways to cook at home

Use the Grill

Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook food. Excess fat simply drips down during cooking, which means fewer calouries in your food.

Grilling can be done indoors and outdoors (think barbeque) and there are lots of options of grills available.

Baking with your oven

Although considered by some to be an old fashioned method of cooking, baking can still produce delicious foods.

More healthy cooking tips coming soon!